The Ford English School

The Ford English School was designed to teach foreign-born factory workers about what it means to be an American. The workers would go through vigorous language exercises to learn how to speak English. Another important aspect of the School was to teach the workers about proper “American Etiquette”. These lessons often promoted cleanliness, work ethic, and family relations. Once the course was completed the students would literally jump into a “Melting Pot” of water to wash away their foreign influence and become truly American. This reflected the xenophobic anxieties of the time.

The school started in 1916 with 20 students and one instructor and would eventually grow into a class size of over 2,000 new immigrants and 150 professors.

Immigrants jobs were in constant jeopardy, factory managers would use race relations to speed up work progress to make the plant more efficient.


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Source: Ford, Henry. The Collections of Henry Ford. N.d., Detroit, Mi. Web. 26 Oct 2012.

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