The Great Depression

In 1929 Detroit Auto Makers were on top of the world, selling over 5 million new cars and greatly prospering. Just one year that number would fall to a little over 3 million, causing innumerable amount of auto workers and manufacturing workers to be laid off. the unemployment rose up to 20-25% (a number that still persists in the Detroit-Metro Area today) and laid off workers were striking left and right. Their plight was not for charity or monetary compensation, they just wanted jobs and the ability to work again. The Auto Workers especially, realized the precarious nature of their employment and just how easily they could be fired. Albeit it was a time of mass hysteria and depression, but from their protests and combined efforts they realized there is strength in numbers. 5 years later the United Auto Workers union would form and seek to protect the workers from economic fluctuations and bosses. 

Read more from my source here….
“Michigan History: How the Great Depression changed Detroit.” DetNews, 4 1999. Web. 4 Nov 2012.

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