Devil’s Night

Devil’s Night is an infamous pseudo-holiday the night before Halloween. But many don’t know this sadistic tradition started in Detroit as night of immense destruction and real damage. Devil’s Night started as early as the 1940’s where youth civilians would travel the city vandalizing the streets and causing petty crimes (egging housing, graffiti etc.) But as Detroit crime rose and values sunk, this holiday became more twisted. Starting in the 1970’s this holiday was conducted mostly in the inner city of Detroit. This destructive tradition reached its climax in 1984 when over 500 fires ravaged the city.

A Glimmer of Hope: In the mid 1990’s citizens of Detroit were fed up with the amount of destruction that was caused on Devils Night leading up to Halloween. In response to delinquent behavior the city created Angels Night. Over 50,000 citizens of the city patrol the city leading up to the Halloween to protect the city they have fought so hard to uplift again and again.

Read more form my source here…
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