Detroit: Socialist Heaven

Detroit has been a city known to indulge in socialist programs to uplift it’s lower classes. Working class men and women’s voices were perpetually sublimated by their bosses, and local government. Starting in the early to mid 20th century Detroit had started to create social programs to level the playing field and give everyone a fair shot.The United Auto Worker union was founded in 1935, after years of abuse by auto manufacture workers. These workers were tired of working over 10 hour days and having less than an hour for lunch. They rose up and formed one of the most influential unions this nation has ever seen. Detroit and socialism would grow together as the nation evolved. Starting in the 1960’s social uplift programs like medicaid and medicare were put into place by the federal government. One program that was specifically targeted at Detroit was the Modeled City Program.  The current Mayor Cavanagh of Detroit even served on Johnson’s task force! Instrumented by Lyndon Johnson, the Modeled City Plan was a social program to create housing for the future.The government would come in and create housing for a large market of workers who needed subsidized cheap homes. The houses were built to replicate the suburban 4 wall home and over $400 million were spent to erect these homes. The mayor of the town wielded unprecedented power, deciding where these homes were to be built, who would build them, and which businesses to leave open and which to close. This kind of socialist power was unmatched by any other Mayor of the time, or any other since. The government might have overreached, attempting to create shinning monuments to their ability to uplift the inner cities. The program ended in bitter failure as the cheap government homes deteriorated and became charred with neglect.

Image of the Model City for Detroit

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