J. Dilla and Soul


Though hip-hop artist and producer J.Dilla paseed away in 2004 from TTP, a disease effecting the coagulation of blood, the qualities of his music marked a returning interest to jazz and blues in a new and creative genre. He also characterizes the effort to take street culture, riddled by drugs and violence, and turning it into creative power and self-expression. As explained in the documentary below, hosted by legendary streetwear label Stüssy, Dilla was known for his use of soulful loops. He is known as one of the greatest hip-hop products of Detroit and has worked with artists such as Common, A Tribe Called Quest, and Erykah Badu. Dilla’s legacy lives through the surviving artists he’s worked with and his foundation that helps fund inner city music programs. The documentary can be viewed below:

Here are a few tracks produced by Dilla:


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