1943 Race Riots: Indicator of the Future

Most people know about the 1967 Detroit Riots that set the city on fire with controversy, but that event was foreshadowed by previous riots taking a hold of the city. On June 20, 1947 a riot broke out in Detroit that would last for three days, and would only cool off once federal troops suppressed the riot. The riot ensued between black and white residents and left 34 dead and more than 300 wounded, and damaging over $2 Million worth of property! The riot started from tensions of new black workers flocking to the city from the south to find high paying jobs. Expecting to bask in northern equality, African Americans were surprised to find Northern Bigotry as influential as in many southern towns. The new migrants weren’t allowed to live in white complexes and were forced to move into all black neighborhoods and apartments. These tensions would ignite when a black youth insulted and white youths girlfriend, an altercation arrived that would spread into the city strangling many of Detroit’s resources. This event shows that the citizens of Detroit live in a precariously peaceful arrangement that could erupt at any moment.

Read more form my source here:
Baulch, Vivian M. . “DetNews.com.” DetNews.com. (1999): n. page. Web. 26 Nov. 2012. <http://apps.detnews.com/apps/history/index.php?id=185&gt;.

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