Eminem and the City of Detroit


Eminem is a quintessential figure to the city of Detroit. His struggle to rise to fame represents the hardships many face when trying to make it out of the city, but his struggle is unique. Eminem, or Marshal Mathers, grew up in the city of Detroit that was dominated by African Americans and minorites. He struggled against reverse racism because of the color of his skin and his proclivity for a new art form; rap. He used well crafted sentence structure and language to bolster his battle rap ability. He was constantly humuliated for the color of his skin, but used it as a talking point for many of his raps. He even beleived that rap could help erase the tendencies of racism by breaking down barriers and restrictions on the art form. He is quoted as saying “Sometimes i feel like rap music is almost the key to stopping racism.” Eminem was a white Detroit citizen who became one of the bet rappers to ever live, in an art form that was previously dominated by minorities and African Americans. 

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