Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings became an official NHL Hockey team in 1926. They are the third most awarded hockey franchise in history, and have won 11 Stanley Cups. From 1933-66 the Red Wings only missed 4 playoffs, followed by a “dead” streak from 1962-87. The team’s standing picked up after ’87 and the team has become one of the most popular hockey franchises. After playing 40 years in the Olympia Stadium, the Red Wing home games have been played in the Joe Lewis Arena since the 79-80 season. The Red Wings are also known for their traditions. One of the most disputed ones in the throwing of an Octopus onto the ice by Al Sobatka during playoff games for good luck. The NHL has tried to ban the tradition. Another home-town tradition is when they play Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” until it is muted during the line “born and raised in South Detroit”, and resumed. The song is played usually during the last couple minutes of home winning games.

Here’s a video of Detroit fans singing “Don’t Stop Believin'”:

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