The Fist

The legendary statue erected for Joe Louis in Detroit has sparked much controversy over the years. When it was originally built many Detroit Citizens didn’t like how it only focused on his boxing career (SEE HERE). Many did not understand the deeper implication of The Fist, until further analysis is conducted. Joe Louis was a boxer who held the heavy weight champion belt longer than any other boxer (1937-1950). His struggle to the top coincided with his acceptance by both white and black communities. He fought racism by fighting and winning in the ring. The statue symbolically points southward to represent his struggle for civil right against the South. The monument “was sculpted by the late artist Robert Graham for the City of Detroit, paid for by a $350,000 commission from Sports Illustrated magazine.” and remains one of the cities most ubiquitous images. It is used in advertising and marketing to symbolize the strength of the city of Detroit.

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