The Fall

It seemed as though the increase in Detroit’s black population, racial tensions, competition in the work force, lack of affordable housing, and the rapid decrease of the white population after the 1970’s would lead to the decay one of the Nation’s most productive cities. After the economic recession of the 1970’s and the abandonment of many Detroit neighborhoods by white citizens, the problems in Detroit rapidly increased. Poverty being a major contributor, the lack of available employment caused a multitude of social problems. The city had one of the highest infant mortality rates of about 25% (comparable to third world countries) as a direct result of the poverty of the city’s population. The increase in drugs and gang violence also made it difficult for the city to recover from the deindustrialization of the 70’s and 80’s. Detroit had begun to be viewed as a dangerous city, and lacked the wonder of prosperity it had during the 20’s and WWII when it was at the height of its economic power.


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